CIVIVI Appalachian Drifter C2015A Brown Canvas Micarta S35VN Slip Joint Flipper

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Based on the popular Rustic Gent, the CIVIVI Appalachian Drifter has a classic design with surprising twists and turns. Like its predecessor the Appalachian Drifter has an iconic clip point blade and sweeping handle. The blade has gotten an upgrade to CPM-S35VN with a gray stonewashed finish. Instead of a back lock, this folder operates on a detent slip joint mechanism with caged ceramic bearing pivot flipper deployment! This version comes with brown canvas Micarta handle scales. Blade: Made from gray stonewashed S35VN the blade is executed in a hollow ground, Bowie style clip point that offers excellent performance in both piercing and slicing. Despite the stylish look the Appalachian Drifter is a utilitarian folder capable of handling both fine work and heavy use. Dual fullers on the blade enhance the aesthetics while offering an easy way to open the blade with two hands or utilize the top flipper tab. Either way operation is smooth thanks to the detent slip joint mechanism and caged ceramic bearing pivot. Handle: Stainless steel liners house the blade while supporting handsome canvas Micarta handle scales with faux bolster milling for a timeless look. Micarta gives a modern feel to this stylish design along with the double detent slip joint mechanism delivering secure non-locking operation. Construction is completed with stainless Torx hardware and a partial back spacer with inline lanyard attachment. Carries via a right hand, tip-up, stainless steel deep carry clip. CPM S35VN: was designed to offer improved toughness over CPM S30V. It is also easier to machine and polish than CPM S30V and the adjusted chemistry makes CPM S35VN about 15-20% tougher than CPM S30V without any loss of wear resistance. CPM S35VN’s improved toughness gives it better resistance to edge chipping.
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