Code Blue - Drop Time Dispenser

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Attract deer and other game more effectively (and without the hassle!) by using Code Blue's Drop Time scent dispenser. This electronic deer scent dispenser delivers a fresh shot of your trusty deer scent once at dawn, at both dawn and dusk, or in twenty-minute intervals. The "flow control" feature allows you to pick the best presentation of your deer scent by selecting either a stream or an atomized spray. The hunting scent dispenser is battery powered and features a large, 2.5-ounce reservoir so you won't have to make unnecessary trips to the scent site. Many deer scent dispensers require an air intake to allow the scent to flow, but the Drop Time's unique design does not, meaning your scent will stay fresher longer. A sealed, screw-on lid keeps your deer attractant irresistible to those big bucks you're after. Code Blue's deer scent dispensers help you distribute your hunting scents easily and effectively.
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