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The Echo-Sigma Get-Home-Bag is a midsized disaster preparedness kit that is perfectly suited to keep on hand in your office, dorm room or the trunk of your car. The SOG Special Edition Get Home Bag comes packed with all of your favorite SOG tools and blades: SOG S44 Multi Tool with compound leverage SOG Seal Pup Fixed Blade Knife SOG Escape Folding Knife with glass breaker and belt cutter SOG FastHawk SOG DE-04 "Dark Energy" 231 Lumen Tactical Flashlight This is, of course, in addition to all of the regular great life saving features of the original Get Home Bag! Pre-configured and ready means: Packaging removed from all items. Documentation consolidated into water tight packaging. All items arranged, organized and stowed. Ready for fast access in case of emergency. Kit Contains: 1 Compact Backpack 1 Hydration System (2.5 Liter) by Condor Outdoor 1 Echo-Sigma 1-3 Day Provision Pack (Arid) 1 Echo-Sigma Compact Survival Kit 1 Echo-Sigma Compact First Aid Kit 1 SOG S44 Multi Tool with compound leverage 1 SOG DE-04 "Dark Energy" 231 Lumen Tactical Flashlight 50 Feet of Military Grade 550 Paracord 10 Extra Large Zip Ties 1 Coghlan's Emergency Tube Tent 1 Emergency Poncho 1 Plexiglass Mirror for signaling help 1 Thermal Sleeping Bag Cocoon by Survival Industries 6 Premium AA Alkaline Batteries (guaranteed fresh for 7 years) 1 Pair Leather Work Gloves 2 N95 Rated Respirator Masks 1 Pair of Protective Goggles 2 Hand Warmers by Coghlan's Big Book Catalog, Issue:68, Page:392
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