Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket

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Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket With seven varieties of fruit, this Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket will make a great addition to any fruit lovers food storage. Not only does it provide variety, but it will add plenty of color and flavor to enhance your everyday meals. All of your favorite fruits are packed in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. Each bag is contained in one convenient and easy-to-use bucket and provides enough fruit for a month. You’ll get a great variety of delicious fruit you can use in smoothies, desserts, salads, or even just for snacking! Add them to your recipes by rehydrating them in warm water, or simply open the bags and enjoy. Warning though once opened, you may not be able to put these fruit bags down. The Freeze Dried Fruit Bucket is perfect for any occasion and is ready for you to order today. Don’t wait, get yours now! *Portions of your order may be substituted based on the availability of products. Apple Slices 30 Servings (2 bags) Banana Slices 30 Servings (2 bags) Blueberries 15 Servings (1 bag) Peaches 30 Servings (2 bags) Pineapple Chunks 15 Servings (1 bag) Raspberries 15 Servings (1 bag) Strawberry Slices 30 Servings (2 bags)
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