GiantMouse ACE Clyde Black Aluminum Satin N690 Liner Lock Folder

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The ACE Clyde was named after the GiantMouse crew's favorite watering hole in Portland, “The Clyde Common”, located at the ACE Hotel in the Pearl district. The design offers a mix of Scandinavian puukko meets Japanese kwaiken with a bit of Persian pesh-kabz in the mix. A slim, pointy and slightly up swept blade pairs with a simple, ergonomic with clean looks and plenty of performance and style in a sleek package perfect for EDC. This version comes with a satin finished N690 blade, black aluminum handle with red spacer and thumb stud. Brand new, direct from GiantMouse Knives, Italy. Blade: Riding on a bronze washer pivot, the slim, trailing point blade deploys with snappy action via the aluminum thumb stud. Bohler N690 stainless steel offers balanced, all around performance with a robust high saber grind and classy crowned spine and satin finish. Jimping on the spine adds traction and helps with sight free indexing. Handle: Chamfered for comfort, the anodized aluminum scales are tough, lightweight and stylish on this simple ergonomic design. A cutout allows access to the black PTFE coated liner lock delivering smooth operation and solid, secure lockup during use. Jimping on the liner pairs with the choil like cutout for added traction in hand. An aluminum partial back spacer is milled with a hole for lanyard attachment with black Torx hardware completing the construction. Carries via a right hand, tip-up, stainless steel wire clip. Bohler N690: N690 is a high quality stainless steel considered an upgrade to 440C. It has higher hardness and wear resistance for better edge retention while sacrificing some toughness. Corrosion resistance is high, at or better than VG-10. Easy to sharpen, this is a well-balanced steel for daily carry and use.
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