Gluten-Free Food Storage - 360 Large Servings - 81 Lbs - Legacy Emergency Preparedness Supplies - Long Term 25 Year Shelf Life Survival Kit

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Certified Gluten Free - 124,800 Total Calories - 81 Lbs - 360 Servings of 8 different Gluten Free Dehydrated / Freeze Dried Survival Meals - 346 Average Calories per Serving Compare Legacy to other food storage products: Lowest cost per day (2000 Calories) - Lowest cost per pound of food Largest Serving Size in the Industry: Serving Sizes 1.5 to 2 times larger than competing packages - Voted Best Tasting Food Storage 100% Certified GMO Free - 25-year shelf life - Meals come in 4-serving Mylar pouch with an oxygen absorber and nitrogen flush - Packed in 1 Large Bucket Made in the USA - Simple to prepare meals: just add water - Perfect for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping, or Long Term Emergency Preparations
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