HK Mini Incursion Clip Point Black PVD 154CM Grey OTF Automatic 54052

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The HK Mini Incursion is a popular OTF built in the USA for serious use. This compact knife is capable of handling the majority of EDC tasks without weighing you down. This version comes with a black PVD coated 154CM clip point blade and matte grey anodized aluminum handle. Brand new by Hogue Knives, USA. Blade: Equipped with matte black PVD coating, the clip point blade has a plain single cutting edge. The clip point blade is made from American 154CM stainless steel with a high saber grind and top swedge for optimal performance with balanced durability. The blade features a double action mechanism for fast, smooth operation. Simply move the thumb slide on the side of the handle up to deploy and down to retract. Handle: Smooth, grey coated aluminum is grooved for traction with an index guard and prominent peak on the handle helping to lock the knife in a solid grip. Construction is completed with black Torx hardware and a hardened glass breaker pommel end. Carries via a reversible, tip-down, stainless steel deep carry clip. 154CM: Crucible 154CM is an improved version of 440C with added molybdenum offering improved corrosion resistance and edge retention, as well as a higher level wear resistance.
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