MOJO Scoot-N-Shoot Turkey Decoy

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This turkey season, try the most exciting, pulse-pounding hunting method yet - turkey reaping! Use this MOJO® Scoot-N-Shoot Turkey Decoy to cover your face while you crawl ever closer to your prey. You'll look just like a long beard boss gobbler! Once a mature gobbler detects what he instantly recognizes as a “strange” gobbler entering his space, he's likely to charge the decoy, allowing very close and extremely exciting shots. As long as your face is covered, turkeys seem not to notice your body…allowing you to maneuver into "can't-miss" range! Specially designed for "turkey reaping" method Covers your face so you can creep among the toms! Designed to look like a long beard, boss gobbler Flared wings for more coverage Realistic silk removable fan Includes hub for attaching real fan for ultimate realism Built-in handle / ground stake Hunter orange strips for safety Doubles as a stationary gobbler decoy Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 699012 Mfg. Number: HW2426
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