Remote Scout Cellular 4G Outdoor Camera - 4G Trail Camera - Security Camera - No Local Internet Required!

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4G CELLULAR SERVICE ensures that you get an email message letting you know if your camera has been triggered to take a photo, keeping you in the loop even if you don’t have WiFi on site. Perfect for remote worksites, farms, summer cottages, and more. CLEAR NIGHT VISION UP TO 65 FEET gives you clear views of your property, including details of human and animal intruders, even in complete darkness. RUGGED, WEATHER-RESISTANT BODY allows this camera to be used outside in nearly any weather condition without sacrificing your property security. TIME, DATE, AND LOCATION-STAMPED IMAGES so you always know when and where each image was taken, for your record keeping. POWERED BY 12 AA BATTERIES means no downtime for recharging! Swapping out batteries is easy and fast.
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