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The WetFire Tinder 5 Pack Includes: 5 cubes of individually wrapped WetFire tinder A Waterproof Fire Starter For Any Situation You Could Imagine If you've ever tried conventional firestarters you know they're absolutely awful when wet. The reason Wet Fire tinder is an incredible fire starter and one of the most useful pieces of survival gear you could ever own is because this fire starter works when wet. This lightweight and unique fire starter made by ultimate survival technologies has the unique ability to light when wet. In fact, wet fire tinder will actually burn longer when wet, something that makes it incredibly useful included inside of a survival kit. A single cube can light light multiple fires. Best of all is WetFire tinder is non-toxic, highly compact, and extremely inexpensive. To learn more about the WetFire Tinder Pack click the “Features & Specs” tab above.
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