Kaito KA249W Solar, Crank LED Lantern with AM/FM and NOAA Weather Radio

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Provides Bright Light, Emergency Alerts and Backup Power The Kaito KA249W is an amazing mashup of world-class technology and crucial survival tools. Blending a solar powered and dynamo charged lantern with an emergency alert radio, this lantern can light your way while also keeping you informed in any circumstance. It's lightweight, compact and durable which makes it a perfect companion for a camping pack or a survival kit. Features: Super Bright: The KA249W is powered by 8 LEDs which are capable of casting far-reaching, clean light over a wide area. Surrounded by a crystal clear plastic housing, the LEDs are perfect at spreading light over a large area, which is ideal for use while camping as well as power outages and roadside emergencies. The lantern also has two power settings, low and high, to help conserve battery power. Powerful Receiver: The built in radio is capable of receiving transmissions from both AM/FM signals as well as NOAA broadcasts. That means if you're out in the woods or living off the gird you can still stay up to date. Plus it receives direct updates from all 7 NOAA emergency weather channels so you never get caught off guard by bad weather. It also has a powerful built in speaker for the ultimate in listening pleasure. Versatile: One of the best parts about this radio is it can be charged 3 different ways. You can charge it with the simple dynamo hand-crank. Or set out in the sun and the solar panel will charge the built in battery. You can even plug it in and charge it via USB. Plus the built in lithium rechargeable battery will even help you charge other USB powered devices (like cellphones) with ease, meaning you'll never be without the ability to use your favorite portable electronics. Durable: Constructed out of durable thermo-molded plastic this radio's perfect for the great outdoors. It can take a tumble and come out unscathed. Lightweight: This incredible lantern only weighs 10.3 ounces. And since it combines a lantern, a radio and a battery backup that's simply incredible. This 3-in-1 device won't weigh you down one bit which makes it great for survival kits and included in with your survival supplies. Other Details: FM frequency range: 88-108 MHz AM frequency range: 520-1710 KHz Battery type: 3.7V Li-ion battery 500 mAh Dimensions: 8 ¼ x 4 ¼ X 4 ¼ inches Weight: 10.3 oz Colors: Black The KA249W is a superb lantern/radio which will greatly benefit any camper or survivalist.
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