Primos Stray Cat Decoy with 50-Yard Remote

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Extensive testing has proven the Stray Cat’s™ random & spontaneous motions trigger a variety of instinctive predator emotions: • Pure Hunger • Opportunistic Food • Territorial/ Aggressive Competition The secret behind the Stray Cat™ is the realistic random motion and jointed flexible tail. These movements are just like a real living animal and resemble a cat, which predators acknowledge as competition and food. The Stray Cat™ is so realistic it keeps predators engaged, bringing them right to the decoy with no hanging up. Additional information: Patent Pending Realistic black cat tail motion technology 3 random motions to choose from 50 yard LCD remote Jointed, flexible animal tail imitates realistic wagging motion Operates at all angles Sturdy tri pod legs for height control and stability Can be used in conjunction with Primos Electronic Callers
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